Prices and Features

Here you find all information about our services (Free and Paid)



Every listing has the following free features:

  • Title (here you can put in the name from the company or institution)
  • A short text description
  • Keywords (for better search results or to describe your business better).
  • E-Mail adress
  • Website adress
  • Opening time.
  • Contact person
  • Comment (if you want additional information)
  • Listing category (you can select 1 of them)
  • Listing location (your adress or city)



You can book this additional features:

  • Featured Listing Purchase this listing enhancement and see your listing highlighted in search results!What better way to get your listing seen by visitors searching the website than with a highlighted listing standing out above the rest!
  • HTML-Listing Content  Purchase this listing enhancement and bring your listing to life with HTML content. Customize your listing description with your own formatting, content and images with this feature.
  • Visitor counter  Purchase this listing enhancement and we’ll monitor your listing visits. Find out which of your listings is performing better with our visitor counter which will record all clicks on your listings and display then to you (visible to you only) at the bottom of your listings
  • Top of category Purchase this listing enhancement and we’ll feature your listing at the top of your chosen category pages. This great feature will bring more exposure to your listing. Whenever a user searches a chosen category your listing will appear before all others at the top.
  • Google Map Purchase this listing enhancement and we’ll display a map on your listing page.



  • Listing Features (free) AND
  • Contact Form for direct contact between guests and you
  • Comments
  • Toolbox: Statisic of Views
  • Star-rating
  • Support


Price: € 0,–/for ever !


       Free package AND

  • 2 additional categories
  • 1 additional picture
  • Visitor counter
  • Goggle map


Price: € 9,–/30 days

Best Value !


       BASIC package AND

  • 2 additional categories (total 5)
  • 2 additonal pictures     (total  3)
  • Highlighted listing
  • HTML Listing content


Price: € 19,–/30 days

you save €10,–


      STANDARD package AND

  • 10 Categories
  • 10 Pictures
  • 1 Video
  • Top of categories


Price: € 29,–/30 days

you save €20,–

PROMOTION package for testing

With this Package you get all possibilities for 30 days for FREE which are include in the Premium Package. After 30 days the Promotion package is automatically changed in the Free package. So you can try without any risk all features we offer on this platform (you need only a registration without credit card or any cash information)


One big advantage is that we have motherlanguage country specific administrators of different countries in our team. So it is possible to translate your listing in different languages and post this listing on the different country specific site. The advantage of this manual translation is, that is fitting exact to the needs of the specific country. And so you get a new opportunity for new customers. So for translating of your listing and transfer to the country specific webpage(s) just ask for an offer via mail or our contact formular.