Who we are / what we have to offer…

A short look back: how everything began..

We are a multinational team of  professionals from quite different areas of work with manifold backgrouds and experiences.

Our diversity is one our most remarkable qualities.

I fact we have met already 4 ago when we began to work on an international website-project based in Germany. When this project came to an end, we decided to stay together as a team, as our cooperation worked so excellent in these last years and we were still full of ideas and ready to face a new challenge.

So we started at the begin of 2014 with this project called “WANN OFFEN (english “when open” in the direct translation).

The main goal of this work was to build up a community to collect practical informations concerning  opening times in all imaginable different parts  of the economy and our daily life, because (strangely enough) only very, very few listings include these informations.

Furthermore our project is based on a multilingual and international basis, that is to say that our websites are not (incorrect and bad) translations (knocked together by a translation software of a computer or a non native translator) but carefully made by the members of our team (spread all over the world from Europe to Australia and the United States of America), who are all native speakers in their mother tongue but are also able to speak some other languages as well.

Here are some of the basics of the project:


  1. can join this community for FREE without any costs
  2. can subscribe your listings (Basics) for free
  3. can make your favourite listings and bookmark it in your personal account for free
  4. can ask for completing your listings (if you have not enough time or you don’nt know how to do it) , we’ll do it for you and it’s also for free.
  5. can claim your listing to you, if the listing is made by someone other, and edit it to your own personal style.
  6. can ask for translating your listing in any language we support (English is free, other languages are available to a reasonable price)
  7. can do………many things with the tools and possibilities we have already realized and the others which will be available in the near future.

So join our community, benefit from an innovative idea with many possibilities and …. let’s create something special together!